About Us

High Quality

Our priority has always put quality people and products listed first with the basic goal of customer satisfaction, so that the continuity of the business relationship is expected intertwined harmonious and lasting and based on the high commitment

High Sense

Anticipating the arrival of the problems that will arise more important than fix and resolve the problems that have occurred. This sensitivity fundamental concern and always instilled in self and minds of all employees of PT Astom Indonesia.

Safety Is Absolute

We are fully aware of human resources in the business of manufacturing industry in particular, is a major resource for growth and business development. Therefore lies of how we maintain and build awareness of the sensitivity pattern safety of human resources as the main pillar is essential.


To be No.1 Company in Asia that have a creative and highly competitive to make precision electronics and electrical components.


Provide products and services of high quality and competitive in the manufacture of precision electronics and electrical components that can meet customer satisfaction and employee welfare.


All are aimed for a more advanced Technology and a Better Life.


Quality First, Safety is Absolute

The Quality Policy

1. Ensure Customer satisfaction by quality assurance, timely product delivery and provide the raliable product.

2. Improving to comply statutory and regulatory requirements related to the quality.

3. Every year, each departement determines the quality targets and conbine the strength of all employees to achieve the target.

4. Socialize This Quality Policy to all employees.

The Environmental Policy

1. Promote to improve of a sustainable Environmental Management Systems.

2. Comply statutory and regulatory requirements related to the environmental.

3. Determine Environmental Target, Preserve, Enchance the Environmental Performance.

4. Comply the regulatory requirements on chemical content that are requested and agreed by customer to control product, oil stamping, and washing liquid.

5. Socialize This Environmental Policy to all employees

6. The Environmental Policy is also informed to the public.